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Dighton, Kansas
Energy Conservation Award - Sharp Farms

Grassland Award - Dale Reifschneider

Soil Conservation Award - Bill Maughlin
Water Conservation Award - Darrel Shaffer

Water Quality Award - Yaeger Feedlot

Windbreak Award - E. Joe and Helen Hanks
2012 Banker's Award Winners
Energy Conservation Award - Mark & Mary Eitel

Soil Conservation Award - Bush & Sons Land & Cattle, LLC

Soil Conservation Award - Kendall Clark

Water Conservation Award - Sharp Farms

Windbreak Award - Merle & Janis Foos
2013 Banker's Award Winners
Energy Conservation Award - Roger & Colleen Speer

Grassland Award - Miken Farms

Soil Conservation Award -
Howard & Carolyn Lawrence/Stacy & Angela Lawrence

Wildlife Habitat Award - Carl & Joyce Roberts

Windbreak Award - Jerry & Joann Riemann
2014 Banker's Award Winners
Grassland Award - Shapland Farms

Soil Conservation Award - Richard Shaffer

Windbreak Award - Ed & Paula Gaugh
2015 Banker's Award Winners
Soil Conservation Award - Hineman Farms

Water Quality Award - Joe & Mary Cramer

Windbreak Award - Lester & Beverly Bockelman
The purpose of the Conservation Award Program is to stimulate a greater interest in the conservation of the
agricultural and natural resources of Kansas by giving recognition to those farmers and landowners who have
made outstanding progress in practicing conservation on their farms.  Each year over 200 Kansas producers and
landowners are recognized through this program.
This program is sponsored by the Kansas Bankers Association and promoted by the K-State Research and
Extension, Kansas Wild Parks, and Tourism, as well as Conservation Districts around the State.  Nominations can
be made by any person in the county.  They should be sent to the Lane County Conservation District or K-State
Research and Extension.  We are taking nominations through 9/30/16 for this year’s nomination consideration.
For more information regarding the program visit:  http://www.agronomy.k-state.edu/extension
Banker's Awards
2016 Banker's Award Winners
Grassland Award - Greg Strong

Soil Conservation Award - Riley Farms/Riley Brothers/Riley & Cartmill JV

Water Quality Award - Ranger Feeders

Wildlife Habitat Award - Kendall Clark

Windbreak Award - Mona Peck
2017 Banker's Award Winners
Grassland Award - Erik and Kaitlyn Steffens

Soil Conservation Award - Dean and Cindi Cramer

Windbreak Award - Brian and Brooke Leighty