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Dighton, Kansas
Cost Share Program
Through funding assistance by the State of Kansas and local County contributions, the
LCCD is able to provide cost-share assistance to producers in Lane County.  The
practices available for cost-share are selected by the Board of Supervisors based on local
priorities most effective in controlling erosion or improving water quality.  

The FY 2019 cost-share sign-up period will be in May 2018. Please visit our office
to apply.

The programs and common practices are as follows:

Water Resources Cost-Share Program
- focuses primarily on soil erosion reduction

Common Practices
Terraces & Terrace Restoration
Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment & Renovation
Critical Area Grass Planting
Livestock Pipeline
Water Wells & Watering Facility
Fencing ( excluding perimeter fence)
Shaping of Grassed Waterway or Outlet
Irrigation System, Trickle
Prescribed Grazing Incentive Payment
Tree/Shrub Establishment
Non-Point Source Pollution Control program
- focuses primarily on water quality

Common Practices
Well Decommissioning
On-Site Wastewater Systems
Improvement of existing water wells
Elimination of abandoned on-site wastewater system
For a complete list of practices or more information on the practices listed please contact
the District Manager