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Dighton, Kansas
Conservation Districts were formed following one of the largest disasters
in American History, the Dust Bowl of the 1930ís.  Soil erosion had become a
severe problem which had culminated from overworked soil, poor land use practices
and an extended period of drought.

In 1935 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Soil Conservation Act to
develop and implement soil erosion control programs.  It was soon clear that local
leadership was needed to coordinate efforts of conservation agencies and tie them
into local conditions and priorities.  In 1937 the State Conservation Committee was
established by the Kansas Legislature with the enactment of the Kansas Conservation
Districts law.  Conservation districts were formed as authorized by the
Conservation District law.  The first conservation district was formed in Labette
County in 1938 and the last Shawnee County in 1954. 

The Lane County Conservation District was formed in April of 1944.  Two
supervisors were appointed by the State Soil Conservation Committee.  They were
Don Von Schriltz and Carl Filbert.  On July 29, 1944 a county election was held to
elect three more supervisors, Glenn Paris, William Shaffer and Raymond Tillotson.