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Dighton, Kansas
Products & Rentals
For Rent:  Please contact the District office for pricing and product details

Tree Planter
Weed Barrier Machine
Roto Tiller
Laser Level
Drip Torch Burner

For Sale:  Please contact the District office for pricing and product details

Drip Irrigation Supplies:  Drip Irrigation is a great way to keep your trees,
vegetables, and flowers watered while conserving water supply. 

Weed Barrier & Stakes:  Weed barrier is used to conserve soil moisture and
greatly reduce labor required in weed control.  Stakes are used to secure weed
barrier fabric to the ground around individual plants
Weed Barrier: 4 x 4 Square
Roll of 6’ x 300’

Marking Flags:  Plastic flags on a 30 inch wire stake for marking location of

Trees, Shrubs, Tree Protectors & Root Slurry:  The District takes orders
every Spring from January through April for Tree & Shrubs.  For more
information on varieties available please contact the District office. 
Price:  Contact the District during the order period for more information on
price per species.  Availability of trees & shrubs are subject to change. 

NOTE: We recommend orders be placed as early as possible January - March
to ensure availability.

Composters:  An easy way to be GREEN! 
By simply incorporating compost into the soil, you will return valuable organic
matter and nutrients back into the soil to be used again, increase the soil’s
ability to retain moisture & reduce the need for fertilizers, herbicide or
fungicide on farms, gardens and landscaping.  Compost increases infiltration
and permeability of heavy soils, thus reducing erosion & runoff

Green Earth Model

Recycling Bins: Use at home or in your business.  Recycling made easy!

Grass Seed:  The District purchases grass seed from Sharp Brothers Seed
Company out of Healy, KS.  Many types of grass seed varieties can be
purchased, from custom-mixed native grasses, to lawn grass and buffalo grass. 
Both you and the District benefit from ordering your seed through our office: 
all orders placed through the District are not charged a delivery fee, and the
District makes a small profit on all orders placed. 

Price:  varies according to variety.  Custom-mixes can be created through
technical assistance from the NRCS staff.  For more information contact the
District office.

Plantskydd:  Deer, Rabbit and Critter Repellent
1 lb. Soluble-Powder Concentrate for Deer & Rabbits
Protects approximately 200-300 plants 1 ft. high

1 qt. Ready to Use Spray Bottle for Deer & Rabbits
Protects approximately 100 plants 1 ft. high

1 lb. Granular bottle for Rabbits and Small Critters
Protects approximately 600 sq. ft